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At International Financial Ltd (I.F.L) we do not only invest our “Clients” capital in the healthcare industry to preserve their wealth, we are committed to improving the health and well being of patients all around the world by investing in new innovative healthcare development solutions on the Market.

We prefer to target profitable private companies European and American SME’s that operate in fast-growing lower middle-markets and show unique advantages over the competition and great operating performance of positive of cash flow and with a minimum of up to £5 million of EBITDA and double-digit revenue growth.

We focus on healthcare services, healthcare IT, hospital products, including the production of pharmaceuticals, IV fluids, medical supplies, and distribution businesses which are poised to benefit from the healthcare and other medical products.

International Financial Ltd (I.F.L) team truly believes that with the right mindset, vision, and the spirit of an entrepreneur, plus a combination of our experience and connection anything is possible.